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Welcome to L'Olive Noire

Come and discover all the flavors of Moroccan cuisine for over 11 years!

About Us

Our history

L'Olive Noire is a rich and colorful restaurant. The frame of the black olive is in itself an invitation to travel.

  • It is at the restaurant L'Olive Noire that you will find fine cuisine from South Africa. North and more particularly traditional Moroccan dishes. The star dish is, of course, the couscous which comes in in different versions - The classic being couscous with lamb. L’Olive Noire is located on Ontario Street East, the vibrant artery of our Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood.

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Moroccan - Middle Eastern - Healthy - Couscous - Halal - Tasting menu

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Our Specialties

Halal cuisine, royal couscous, tajine, pastilla & méchoui.


Capacity: 60

Groups welcome - Online ordering - Family / Children are welcome - Delivery - Tasting menu - Offers / Coupons - Take-out meal - Private room


Consult our specials

Couscous Royal pour 2 Entrée soupe ou salade Dessert (crêpes à mille trous) Thé à la menthe fraiche

Starter (soup or salad)

Royal couscous for 2

For dessert: pancakes with a thousand holes

Fresh mint tea

Price : 59.99 $

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The Black Olive 4.5 (41 ratings) • Moroccan •

4271 Ontario Street E, Montreal, QC H1V 1K4

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Location :

4271 Ontario Street East, Montreal, QC, H1V 1K4. It's in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, less than 10 minutes walk from the Pie-IX station.

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17:00 - 22:00
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(514) 504-9484